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On January 1st, 2020, the California consumer privacy act went into effect.

  • Take ownership of your information, don't let others sell it.
  • ItsMyData does the all hard work by opting out for you.

One of the goals of the new regulation was to empower internet users to protect their privacy and personal data.the law required online merchants to allow users to opt out from the use and sale of their personal data, and setting significant fines on merchants who fail to do so.

Why you should keep your data safe?

Selling your data is a meaningful revenue stream generator for online retailers.

Naturally, online merchants are not fond of this regulation, and many of them do their best to avoid user opt outs by hiding the opt out links or making the process unnecessarily complicated. That's where we come in.

Plugin Features

Opt out automatically

Our tool spares you the need to look for the opt out process and go through complicated requirements set by the merchants.

Never sell your data

We never sell your data or provide it to third parties (except if required by law). You can always leave and we will delete any record at your request.

Opt in when you want

Want a certain vendor to have your data? Opt in instead of having to opt in from multiple other vendors!


ItsMyData was formed with one goal in mind: helping internet users protect their privacy in an era where user data has become a form of currency online. Located in Arizona, we service customers across the globe.


If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our plugin or any idea you want to share with us, our team is standing by waiting for your email.


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